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12/10/21 | Admin


Just a gentle reminder. If you are drawn in the first round of the divisional triples competition, the closing date for this round is Friday 29th October which means you only have another two weeks to arrange and play. Please bear in mind the first round of the divisional cups is due to be played that week as well, so if you have a game in this round you may well end up playing two matches that week and we know that sometimes this can be a problem for teams. As you only need three players for the triples from your registered players, no games will be allowed to be carried over past the 29th October and any games not played may result in one or both teams being eliminated from the competition. In order to support your case for not being eliminated please contact your opposition to ensure these games are arranged in good time. It matters not who the home team is, the committee will take into account what efforts have been made to arrange the match before deciding which team(s) shall be eliminated. This will also apply to all competitions with a play by date set.

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